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How Can You Help?

I have wonderful people ask me all the time, how can I help the kitties when I don't live here. The honest answer is money. Cash donations allow us to do so much. Purchasing food and supplies gets expensive really fast and a large vet bill can hit us really hard.

So many people work for corporations that offer donation matching programs through Network For Good, Your Cause and Benevity. What an amazing way to help. You donate $20 and your corporation donates $20 in your name.

You can donate via credit card through PayPal on our website and Facebook page or you can mail a check.

Other ways you can help is to shop on Amazon using their smile program and designate Abaykitties as your charity of choice. We'll get a small percentage of eligible sales.

We also have Amazon wish lists if you'd rather buy us supplies that we use every day. Just click on find a list on your Amazon page and search for Abaykitties.

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