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It has been a disappointing couple of days here at Abay. I say that because I'm disappointed in the human race. 2 days ago 3 gorgeous kittens were abandoned at the Abay colony. Had they not been found they could have easily died out in this heat or from a mongoose, not knowing how to fend for themselves. Today this little beauty was found. She's a young girl with the sweetest disposition and appears to have had kittens not too long ago. Her milk is drying up so it's quite possible she is mommy to the babies found the other day. She loves to be held and was not happy being among the Abaykitties. From her temperament she sure seems like a lovable pet and I can't believe someone just threw her and her babies away.

Please please please established cat colonies such as Abaykitties are not dumping grounds for your unwanted cats & kittens. There are alternatives and I ask you please if you have a pet you can no longer keep please contact me or a rescue before just abandoning it. It's not fair or safe for the pet.

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