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It was such a wonderful night at Abay, a little on the warm side for my taste but the kitties had so many visitors. A lovely young lady from New Zealand made a generous donation to the furbabies and I got a hug, win win for all of us. Another visitor who I wish I'd had more time to chat with works with the feral cat population at Stanford. They've done an incredible job on campus with TNR and adoptions of the friendlier kitties. And the kitties good friend Oliver stopped by. The kitties love him because his pockets are always full of kitty treats. There were some really kind folks from Iowa, California, Honolulu, Oregon and some darlins' with a sweet southern drawl. I just love to hear all of the positive comments about the furballs and it's so much fun when somebody says hey that one was here when I visited 2 years ago and he's still here and looks good. We really do try to the best of our ability to keep the Abaykitties fed, loved and well cared for. If you've visited in person and seen us working with them you see they have names, they have personalities, they even have their own little quirks. To us they're not just stray feral cats they're ours, and yours.

Mahalo for visiting.

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