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The beautiful Waikoloa resort area provides a tropical oasis for visitors and residents alike. However, in this tropical paradise lie colonies of feral cats. No one can be sure how they got here but warm climate and no predators make it a safe breeding ground for these feral cats. You notice them everywhere from hotel rooms to restaurants and the beaches.


We feel it is important to reduce the number of homeless cats as well as control the spread of disease and maintain good health among the colonies. All of these things support and protect the rights of feral felines.

The Waikoloa side of the island does not have fresh water and the sometimes harsh elements mean many cats born or dumped in the wild don't make it. With the help of our hard working volunteers, donations from supporters like you, THROUGH PAYPAL OR CHECK BY MAIL and the volunteer vets at Advocats we provide fresh water and food 365 days a year as well as spay/neuter surgeries, microchips and lifelong medical care.


​We support the Trap-Neuter-Return-Maintain “TNRM” program with  AdvoCats has been working since March 1999 to reduce the number of unwanted cats and since February 2017  have spayed and neutered 19,177 cats. Advocats holds monthly spay and neuter clinics across The Island providing ear tipping to identify that cats have been spayed and neutered, (right ear for girls, left for boys) vaccinations, and  treatment with Revolution.

Because of the hard work of our volunteers and our relationship with Advocats we haven't had a litter born in our colonies for many years. All of our furbabies are spayed and neutered and living out their senior years in peace here at Abay.



We support the 5 freedoms:

  • Freedom from  hunger and thirst

  • Freedom from discomfort

  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease

  • Freedom to express normal behavior

  • Freedom from fear and distress



Donations are always welcome and can be made via PayPal here on our website or on our Facebook page or via check/money order by mail


PO Box 383002

Waikoloa, Hi 96738

Abaykitties is

a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

EIN: 81-3600197

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook too, Abaykiitties.


Your donation to cover the cost of food and veterinary care is appreciated. We also welcome volunteers to help with daily feedings

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