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It Takes An Island

I've said before it takes a village to do what we do, caring for these beautiful kitties. Today it took multiple villages. I received a message from a concerned visitor about some kitties at Whittington Park. I had to Google it to find out that's in Ka'u, nowhere near us. I sent a message out to my island animal lovers asking for help. Sure enough a lovely lady on the other side of the island, who I know only through Facebook, although we're kindred spirits, offered to make the drive to check on them. She checked and fed and left a note for other feeders so we can make sure these beautiful furbabies are well taken care of. Her pictures show a pretty healthy looking group and everyone is ear tipped, yay!!

They have a one eyed cat too, just like our Popeye.

Mahalo Laylah I can't thank you enough.

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